Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Sun enters Zero Degree of the Sidereal Zodiac on 14th

The Sun enters Zero Degree of the Sidereal Zodiac on 14th. His gross Right Ascension will be Zero and Declination Zero. This is widely celebrated by the wise as Vishu, the Harvest Festival.

An Agri Festival, Vishu marks the end of the blistering heat which characterised Pisces and Aquarius, Meena and Kumbha. There may be moderate rains in Kerala, but will accelerate after Sun transits the 45th Degree of the Zodiac, Edava Pathi, on May 29th.

Happy Vishu in advance !

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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

True Theocracy !

Moving towards a Theocratic state, said some unkind gentleman about the Beef Ban in Maharashtra.

I was reminded of a quote from Aurobindo

True Theocracy is the Kingdom of God in Man and not the kingdom of a Pope, a priesthood or a sacerdotal class !

Less meat means less cancer, less cirhossis et al and Cruelty to Animals is prevented !

Be veg. Cruelty begets untold suffering

Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy Siva Ratri !

Happy Siva Ratri !

The Night of Siva occurs when the Moon is in between 156 and 168 degrees from the Sun ( Chaturdasi) in the lunar month of Maagha, in the Waning Moon Fortnight ( Krishna Paksha ).

This is a very sacred day for the Eternians. 
Esoteric, scientifc aspects of this Grand Night, vIdeos and photos of the famous Aluva Siva Ratri at http://www.guruvayur4u.com/html/sivaratri.htm

Saturday, January 17, 2015

My Mobile sites !

The Mobile Web population in India has gone upto 173 million. Total Net population is 302 million.

We created mobile versions of main sites.

Articles about the Fourth largest pilgrim center in the world and others.

Artiicles about Financial Astrology

Articles about the 18 sciences of Indian Philosophy

Offers from the Kerala Real Estate /

We have uploaded a lot of articles in these sites.

Happy reading !

Friday, June 06, 2014

Save Nature, Save Biodiversity !

Prof Madhav Gadgil wrote : 

The Western Ghats are naturally an important focus of sustainable development efforts. The protector of the Indian peninsula, the mother of the Godavari, Krishna, Netravathi, Kaveri, Kunthi, Vaigai and a myriad other rivers, Kalidasa likens the Western Ghats to a charming maiden; Agastyamalai is her head, Annamalai and Nilgiri the breasts, her hips the broad ranges of Kanara and Goa, her legs the northern Sahyadris. Once the lady was adorned by a sari of rich green hues; today her mantle lies in shreds and tatters. It has been torn asunder by the greed of the elite and gnawed at by the poor, striving to eke out a subsistence. This is a great tragedy, for this hill range is the backbone of the ecology and economy of south India.

Pls implement the Gadgil Report. Save Nature, Conserve Biodiversity !

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Happy Narasimha Jayanti

How glorious Thy nails
Which tore into the Ego
The Ego which exists in all
Whose emblem is Hiranyakasipu
O Lord of the Universe
O Thou with bountiful hair
Thou shook the Universe with Thy Form
Hail O Lord of all that is !

Thava kala kamala varai
Nakham abthutha sringam
Dhalitha Hiranyakasipu thanu bhringam
Kesava ! Dhrutha ! Nara Hari Roopa
Jaya Jagadisha Hare !